Why Private Equity and what is Private Equity?

This capital is used by the companies in question to expand and increase their value. At the end of the process (“exit”), the investor sells his shares to the shareholders or to external investors. In some cases, the entire company will also be listed on the stock exchange so that the shareholders will be able to finally get out in this way.

There are basically three ways to invest in private equity:

  • The investor invests directly in a company.
  • He invests in individual private equity funds, which thus invest in company shares.
  • Or he can choose one of the private equity funds of funds, which in turn invests in several private equity funds and invests the money in company shares.

VentureSax supports investors and capital seekers in finding the right investments.

There are many interesting investments. We, therefore, rely on clear criteria for a selection.

When selecting projects, VentureSax GmbH is geared to the following criteria:

  • Does the management of the company already have successful experience in setting up a company?
  • Does the company meet all regulatory requirements in its respective core business?
  • Will the company open up a new market with the corresponding growth potential by introducing a groundbreaking technology?
  • Does the company have patent protection as well as the necessary market approvals?
  • Is the company already generating growing sales?
  • Does the company offer interesting perspectives within the next few years?
  • Is the transaction volume above € 2.0 million?

The greater the accordance with these criteria, which we will be verifying to the best of our knowledge, the more the company is suited for our services.